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PostcardQR + Inbound Machine PRO

POSTCARD QR Integrated Direct Mail- Launching 2019

The SoCal Agency Team works with many local business professionals interested in reaching new clients cost effectively.  We Develop, Print & Deliver our high-quality sturdy 9″ x 12″ PostcardQR to every Household Mail Box Direct in the target local Zip Code in waves of 5,000 each for about 6¢ ~ 8¢ per Household.  Each PostcardQR features select tailored four-color ads with a custom Quick Response Code integrated into our System for each Business that enables Autopilot Lead Capture by Mobile Smart Phones.

1) Custom Four Color Ad – “Always on the Front Cover”

2) Delivered to Every Household Mail Box Direct by Zip Code (5K per wave)

3) INBOUND MACHINE PRO Autopilot Lead Generator
a. Quick Response “QR” Code
b. Mobile-Optimized Landing Page
c. Call-To-Action Lead Capture Form
d. Autoresponder Instant Reply w/ Digital Coupons
e. Monthly Lead Capture Reports

Autoresponder Ideas
-Coupons & Specials
-Property Listings
-Updated Menus
-Event Info

One Low Price per Edition:  6¢ ~ 8¢ per household

Socal Digital Agency PostcardQR

PostcardQR coming soon 2019